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Poster exercise fun

Enjoy the Color

This is a story about darkness, light, and color visualized through typography. It’s a metaphor about something vital we must live by. Try to figure it out yourself ;)

The tangible typographic film was a collaboration by my friend Amy and I. All created in 5 days. All hand done type created by myself and illustration/painting done by Amy and the writing is a collaboration by both of us. We made everything by hand and used no photos or printers. This was all filmed on a dslr and used no digital manipulations. The only form of change was color correction and reverse imagery.

This was made for LG’s Art of the Pixel competition which is against nine of the best art schools in the US. To vote please click the link below. Make sure to use your laptop or desktop. It seems that the site isn’t compatible with smartphones, sorry for the inconvenience. Winner receives $5000 and a trip to New York. The finalist will win another $5000. Thanks for voting!


Japanese Poster: Sapporo Design Week. Terashima Design. 2010

Aubrey Plaza by Father John Misty